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Residential Interior

“A house is just four walls and a roof, but a home is made up of everything else inside”. It is a place that resembles your personality and your heart. A place where you find yourself when you are lost . we understand how you feel with the word home and we are passionate to show all the beautiful ideas of what a home looks like. With the amalgam of elegance and blend of culture, we resolve dreams into ideas and transform ideas into reality. Residential interiors make sure you have comfort with luxury.

Everyone desires their home to be the appearances of personal uniqueness. The Interiors India has all the tools and experience required to provide excellent returns for your home to bring your residential interior design fantasies to life. Along with the latest home trends and interesting designing elements we are able to go above and beyond your expectations to bring light and communication in your interiors. When it comes to designing The Interiors India goes the extra mile to make your dream home a reality.

Bringing inspiration in homes, bringing different cultures of different time periods, designing your home just for yourself in a way to make your home stand out from your neighbors. We design houses using inspiration and combine them into comfortable rooms, easygoing textures, and truly high-end spaces. Take your time while planning for your dream home, it's every piece should be fitting to each other accurately and in tune with the rest of its parts.

The Interiors India plan the designs according to the requirements of the house and by the most experienced designers that are trained in the art of interior designing. The designs in The Interiors India are marked as an excellent mixture of unique vintage old charm and the beauty of modern technology with the glamour of modern trending styles inspired by the creativity of the times. The idea to manage a team that goes beyond ideas to create a makeable unique form of styles for the future that symbolizes safety, comfort, glamour, and simplicity.


When it comes to the Homes, 'Less is more' is our belief while planning and designing. Our design approach is to give the best efficient look by not wasting much; this is the key to success for us. It should feel comfortable and covers all our needs. Following are a few rules we follow.

       Keep it simple.
       Fuss-free designs, yet sophisticated.
       Maximum utilization of the space available.
       Create a clear vision of the look.
       Don’t get manipulated by trends your designs should be your styles' reflection